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The Collective Impact approach

Our experience with Return-to-Learn during the pandemic demonstrated the power of concerted action to amplify the effect of our individual efforts. We can build on this experience to  make tremendous progress on UC San Diego’s strategic priorities by working together more intentionally.

Collective Impact at UC San Diego

students using a weather balloon in a class setting

Why using a Collective Impact approach now makes sense

As we find our new equilibrium in a world deeply impacted by COVID, it makes sense to seek ways to get more impact from a given amount of effort. We have a unique opportunity to speed our progress in achieving our longstanding priorities by applying a collaborative approach more widely throughout UC San Diego. Additionally, recent state budget promises are tied to our progress in erasing opportunity gaps on our campus.

Why Use Collective Impact Now?

Partner Roles & Responsibilities

The Collective Impact Network includes numerous stakeholders organized for more efficient and greater impact.  Well defined roles and responsibilities provide clear structure and guidance for our partners and collaborators.


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