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Steering Committee

The Collective Impact Steering Committee is a group of leaders and subject matter experts from across the university that provides strategic direction for the Collective Impact Initiative and champions its work.

  • Alison Sanders (Convener)

    Assistant Vice Chancellor, Academic Affairs and Chief of Staff
    Office of the Executive Vice Chancellor

  • Edward Abeyta

    Associate Dean
    Division of Extended Studies

  • Carolyn Arntsen

    Special Assistant to the Executive Vice Chancellor
    Office of the Executive Vice Chancellor
  • Gillian Hemingway Asch

    Deputy Chief of Staff
    Office of the Executive Vice Chancellor
  • Kimberly Lamke Calderon

    Strategic Communication and Engagement Director
    Office of the Executive Vice Chancellor
  • Ahren Crickard

    Director, Center for Operational Excellence
    Office of the Executive Vice Chancellor
  • Maruth Figueroa

    Assistant Vice Chancellor, Student Relations and Success
    Student Affairs
  • Christine Hurley

    Director, Institutional Research
    Office of the Executive Vice Chancellor

  • Georgia Kovacs

    Associate Director, Center for Research & Evaluation
    Division of Extended Studies

  • David Ruiter

    Faculty Director
    Teaching + Learning Commons
  • Josh Shapiro

    Chief Impact & Strategy Officer
    Division of Extended Studies
  • Frank Silva

    Associate Vice Chancellor 
    Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion
  • Pegah Parsi

    Chief Privacy Officer
    Office of the Executive Vice Chancellor

Steering committee Roles & Responsibilities

Guidance, Vision, and Oversight

  • Develop and refine a common agenda to drive change, including goals, problem statements, and guiding principles
  • Use high-level data to inform strategy development and learning
  • Track progress of Collective Impact work using agreed-upon success indicators at institutional and working group levels
  • Make connections between working groups and potential campus partners to ensure coordination, alignment and efficiency
  • Interact with the backbone to monitor progress, develop strategies and provide guidance 
  • Identify and advocate for organizational policies that support the collective impact effort


  • Identify potential partners and work that can align with the Working Group themes
  • Serve as a vocal champion of the collective impact effort on campus


  • Participate in regularly scheduled meetings
  • Review pre-read materials prior to meetings and come prepared for engaged discussion, active listening, and respectful dialogue