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Academics Themes & Work Groups

Who are UC San Diego Academics?

  • UC San Diego Academics (April 2021, UCOP)
    • 1,531 Ladder-Rank and Equivalent
    • 1,279 Clinical/In-Residence/Adjunct
    • 240 Lecturers 

What are Equity Gaps for Academics?

  • Equity gaps for academics at UC San Diego refer to differences in hiring, retention, satisfaction, and career advancement between groups of academics, with a particular focus on underrepresented minorities and women

  • Outcome metrics of particular interest include recruitment and hiring statistics, retention, job satisfaction, workplace climate, and pay equity

Factors that Influence Academics Equity Gaps

  • Sense of Belonging
  • Mental Health & Well-being 
  • Mentoring & Professional Development
  • Equity-Focused, Proactive Recruitment & Hiring
  • Clear Expectations for Career Advancement
  • Unbiased Reviews & Advancement Practices  
  • Epistemic Inclusion