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Student Data

Using Graduation Rates as a Measure of Erasing Equity Gaps

The Erasing Equity Gaps through Collective Impact effort is motivated by UC San Diego’s ambitious 2030 goals and our commitment to creating an equitable campus. Increasing overall and timely graduation rates for all undergraduate students, and reducing inequity in experiences and outcomes between student groups, is a key goal of this initiative. 

Graduating on time is an important goal for many students, enabling them to reduce potential debt and to move forward with the skills they gained at UC San Diego to careers or graduate programs. “On time” is defined as within four years for freshman entrants, and within two years for transfer entrants.

Increasing on-time graduation rates for all students is also important to UC San Diego. We regard current differences in on-time graduation rates between student groups as a call to action. Collective Impact aims to bring resources and expertise from across the university together to address the challenge of closing equity gaps. We all have a role to play in supporting students’ on-time graduation. Examples include creating welcoming first-year experiences, providing support for students encountering difficulties, practicing inclusive pedagogy in the classroom, engaging students in co-curricular learning, and many other programs and services.  

Graduation rates are just one of many metrics and stories that help hold us accountable to enduring change. Reflecting on our progress toward our goals allows us to focus on areas where additional collaboration and support would benefit students -- truly “empowering every Triton to succeed.” 

For more on the University of California’s 2030 Goals, please visit the UCOP 2030 Dashboard webpage.